The fundamental and most important service you provided was helping me select the best place on my lot to build.

Previously, I thought that Landscape Architects entered the picture after the house was built. Your assistance was invaluable during the pre-construction phase of the project. As it turns out, site location is EVERYTHING in terms of views, sun, wind, and the proportions of space. It determines how the building will be experienced internally as well as how it will be perceived externally.

Admittedly, I didn’t know any of this when I purchased my lot. My vision was all about the design of the house. But even the best design needs the right context in order to come to life – and you chose it perfectly. — Thank you.

~ Bette Acomb – Waunakee, WI

We had our first neighborhood party in our backyard today. I wish you could have heard the rave reviews. Our guests were so complimentary and the spaces all got used in the way you hoped! The zip line was buzzing while a hoard of people were in or around the grotto roasting marshmallows, while others were sitting on the rocks on the upper terrace and the rest were on the driveway and the new brick area. It was like we had a whole new (BIG) room on the house!

Thanks for your wonderful work and for the fun we had working as a team.

~Karl & Melissa Scholz – Madison, WI

We loved ZDA’s approach towards site planning and therapeutic garden design at Meriter’s CAP Hospital. From their collaborative approach taken in the charrette process, to the installed gathering spaces and gazebo garden area, working with the ZDA team was a joy. We couldn’t be more pleased!

~Chad Rohlfs – Former Director of Development, Meriter Foundation

The design team at ZDA was instrumental in getting an offer on our home in 3 days. We knew we needed a landscape team which could deliver and invoke curb appeal in order to secure a buyer for our home. Our perennial gardens that hug the gentle, curved front walkway make me smile every time I look at them. The beautiful show of flowers encourages strollers to stop and admire the gardens throughout the changing seasons. What a perfect combination! We are so excited about building our new home and equally excited to be using ZDA for our landscape design team.

~Sandy Wiederholt – Madison, WI

Living on Lake Mendota and wanting to have a “living room” in our yard as well as to help protect the lake, you achieved far more than we could have imagined. The best part is that it is nearly maintenance free so we can enjoy the beauty and feel with little energy and time. From idea, to design, to implementation, to completion of project and now to total enjoyment and beauty 365 days a year… who could ask for anything more. Your reliability and competence added to your integrity and pleasantness, has made our relationship on-going.