Our Culture

We are the architects of your outdoors. Whether it’s a bustling urban plaza or the coziest family garden, our mission is to ensure that your landscape comes to life the way you dreamed it. We design with you by asking questions and listening closely to your answers, letting the earth and buildings tell us what they want to be. Our approach works anywhere and everywhere – in multiple regions across America and countries around the world.


We strive to improve people’s daily lives and the health of their communities by designing resilient outdoor spaces that promote connections to nature.


ZDA is passionate about creating landscapes that protect our environmental and cultural resources, foster community and individual well-being, and integrate the increasing need for energy, food, housing, conservation, and recreation in the urban and rural landscape.

We believe that like people, landscapes tell stories. By celebrating and respecting the innate qualities of each landscape, we harmonize the individual needs of our clients with their site resulting in less input, improved performance, and more resilient communities.

From initial vision through construction and beyond, we know what it takes to make a project successful, and we know how to create plans that work.


ZDA has extensive experience in a wide range of projects including master planning, community design, detailed site and landscape design, and construction management, spanning many scales from family residences and private healing gardens to commercial projects and citywide public resource parks. With over 20 years of experience, our goal is to meet our clients need.